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Motto: We help children who have had little luck in life. 

A happy child is a child whose needs are met. The needs of a child are met in a functional family. A child living in a functional family is a happy child. The Sirius Foundation’s goal is a functional family (biological or foster).

The purpose of the Sirius Foundation is to contribute broadly to the improvement of the lives of children. It concentrates on helping and supporting vulnerable children, as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the UN in 1989 and by the Czech Republic in 1991.

26. 3. 2008, 26. 3. 2008, Sirius Foundation Establishment Contract
Jiří Šmejc, Petr Kellner, Patrik Tkáč
20. 6. 2008, Foundation Register maintained by Prague City Court, Section N, Entry no. 693
284 18 808
Bank details
PPF Banka, Evropská 2690/17, 160 41 Praha 6
Account number
Registered office
Všehrdova 560/2, Malá Strana, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
+420 702 026 600


Sirius Foundation Bodies

Board of Directors

Jiří Šmejc, Chairman
Marcel Dostal, Vice-chairman
Pavel Zuna, Member
Pavel Charamza, Member
Vladimír Uhde, Member

Supervisory board

Tomáš Kočka, Chairman
Radka Šmejcová, Vice-chairman
Michal Krnoš, Member 

Professional Commission

doc. PhDr. Marie Černá, CSc.
doc. Mgr. PaeDr. Jan Michalík, Ph.D.
JUDr. Šárka Špecianová
PhDr. Jaroslav Šturma
prof. PhDr. Lenka Šulová, CSc.