Sirius Foundation MottoWe help children who have had little luck in life.

We want to minimize adversity in children’s lives and to do our best to help them live a happy childhood in a family, surrounded by love and understanding. 

The Sirius Foundation was established in 2008 with the aim of improving the lives of children at risk in their social environments and children with disabilities. Through our activities, we try to find ways leading to long-term positive changes in the system of care for vulnerable children. The Sirius Foundation makes regular calls for grant proposals focused on current issues in the area of vulnerable children care. Further, we implement our own projects dealing with the issues of families with children and foster care. The independent project Walking People addresses the public's attitude to people with disabilities. The Sirius Foundation does not provide financial help to individuals.


The basic principles of work in the Sirius Foundation:

Charity is not PR

The primary objective of our activities is to help, not to get any compensation for charitable work; for example, in the form of promotion or positive PR. Real charity stems from the inner urge to help, and is not an attempt to make oneself visible. The exception comes when the aim is to motivate other donors. However, here too the rule that popularization must not benefit oneself has to be adhered to.

Rigorous project management

All activities implemented by the Sirius Foundation are governed by the principles of project management. Financial plans are prepared, together with detailed activity schedules. These are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis and the targets and outputs of the individual activities are clearly defined. Also, risks are continuously assessed and the efficient use of financial and human resources is monitored.

Donations are used not to cover the foundation’s costs, but wholly in individual projects

Donations given to the Sirius Foundation by third parties are fully distributed among the project implementers within grant proceedings or in the awarding of direct grants. The foundation’s operating costs are always and entirely covered by the founder's contributions.

Focusing on projects of systemic importance

The Sirius Foundation concentrates on social issues. With our activities, we seek to facilitate the search for systemic and conceptual solutions to these issues.

Action directed to reason, not the emotions

While addressing potential donors and supporters, the Sirius Foundation never uses emotional argumentation. The foundation's entire work is based on rational arguments and objective reasoning with the public about the values the foundation supports.


The Sirius Foundation reports regularly and truthfully on its activities. It always acts honestly and transparently in relation to other organizations.