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As part of the organizational changes at the Sirius Foundation, the Support Centre o.p.s. was dissolved on 31 August 2021.

All activities and operations will seamlessly transition under Sirius OPS, o.p.s. to a new program called the Support Center, which focuses on the area of foster family care.


The Support Centre programme is aimed at supporting activities in the field of foster family care and takes over all the activities of the Support Centre, o.p.s and including the set goals and visions.

Main goals:

  • to conduct research in the field in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • to search for examples of good practice in the Czech Republic and abroad and to facilitate their dissemination and sharing
  • to support the emergence of good practice in the Czech Republic and to facilitate its dissemination and sharing
  • to deepen mutual cooperation and information sharing between organisations
  • to support organisations in the field in their further methodological development
  • support the search for ways to monitor and evaluate the success of work in the field
  • initiate and promote system changes, including legislative changes